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My purpose in writing this blog is to provide readers with fresh perspectives. Some of the content will come from insights I have had, while most will be unique / different perspectives from others. Topics covered will include finances, life design, psychology, learning, work, and scientific principles – among others. By sharing this content I hope that readers will find new ways to approach aspects of their lives.

The internet is a vast tangle of websites with all kinds of opportunities, merchandise, and content. You could be anywhere in that world wide web but you’re here with D Smitty. I thank you for visiting and hope that what you read here will be worth your while.

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Hello, World!

After reading the title of this blog post, the computer science people out there will likely have felt a little nostalgia for one of the first programs they ever wrote – a “Hello, World!” program. For the non-computer science people out there, writing a “Hello World!” program has been the traditional initiation to programming and…

He Who Knows One Knows None

Welcome to The D Smitty Blog! I’m glad you have found your way to the blog and truly hope that what you find here will be worth the effort it took to find. From time to time I have ‘aha moments,’ where, in my mind, the dots connect and I gain a new insight into…

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Why Learn About Perspectives Different From Our Own?

A version of my answer is found in the first post of this blog (put hyperlink here) as well as the blog’s about page (put hyperlink here). But a quick explanation is that learning to see through different perspectives increases our quality of life. It allows us to see opportunities and possibilities that before we couldn’t. Fresh perspectives can provide solutions to problems we have dealt with for a long time but kept approaching in the wrong way. Learning about perspectives different from our own makes us more interesting and creative.

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